Bagyung senyang experience

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It was the worse storm that I have experienced so far, I had stayed in Dubai for almost two years and no storm aside from sandstorm was ever experienced there in that place. Sandstorm is fine since we can stay inside our apartments and offices so we can be safe from the sand but for the storm here in the Philippines, it was definitely different.

I couldn't sleep properly that night because of the winds, it was very strong, it was whistling and I could hear them coming around and around. I was thankful that our house is strong as well that it was able to stand still despite of the storm. My mom said the water had already come instead because of the open window and we all tried to get them out by putting in clothes so it can take the water.

The photo above shows a rice field filled with storm water, the rice field was not anymore visible as it was filled by the waters. It was so bad because the plants were newly planted.

By the morning time, the storm already subside. Thanks to God above.

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