Bakra Eid/ Eid-ul-Adha Survival Tips (For my detox and diet plan buddies)

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Bakra Eid means a series of different traditional dishes like Nihari, Koftay, Dampukh, Biryani, Haleem, BBQ and God knows what else with recipes full of spices, oils salts etc cooked in every house you visit and in your own house as well. Since this COMPLETELY non-vegetarian phase most of the muslims go through comes with a lot of beef and mutton everyday for many days. This goes on for usually about 2-3 weeks and after this whole time every is facing weight-gain problems, bloating, bad-digestion etc.

This Eid say goodbye to all these problems without giving up on your love for food by following these simple tips.

# The very first and utmost is SELF_CONTROL, you must not give you body more than it can take care of. Eat in small portions, after all it's neither the first nor the last time hopefully. If you're the one managing menus at home, focus on one recipe each day. And try to Give a little flavor of vegies to you menu as your side dish or anything, Try not to over-eat very often to avoid all common problems.

# Always chew your food slowly and then swallow it. Meat can give you a hard time so Beware meat lovers! this can cause bloating and bad digestion. Chew every bite before swallowing. Let your salivary enzymes soften up your food and let mechanical crushing of your food be done by your teeth so it does go hard on your stomach

# Never drink water right after the meal, esp when it's cold. In fact drink some water half hour before you can start your meal. Eid is a festival where there is no right time to eat it's like masterchef selections you eat when it's ready. But try to drink lots of water in early hours of the days.

# My very favorite Ginger tea

Go through my ginger tea recipe and drink it twice a day to get rid of the problems that can come your way by eat too much beef/mutton

# Use lemon and salad with your meals to balance, or more precisely contrast your input for your gut, i hope it makes sense.

Well that's all for now. I hope it helps you all. Do let me know if does. Happy Eid. Enjoy. Keep smiling, Stay blessed Good Luck :)

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