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 people of other provinces of Pakistan realized the seriousness of the situation when domestic gas supply disruptions occurred and people faced severe difficulties. As the people of Europe and America 1973 Arab-Israel war farhmy off oil from Arab countries after health realized the seriousness of the situation in the Middle East. Pakistan's largest in terms of area and economic condition of the people most devastated by the rest of the province in future serious events taking place there is purpose.


Balochistan province of Pakistan is the country's central administration and the administration always a rebellious people, seen from the point of crushing. Two military action in Baluchistan have long duration. And perhaps a third are preparing for military action. But the last two military actions do not solve the problems of people of Balochistan have been denied the same time now can not expect different results.


Balochistan is rich in mineral wealth. The 700 km long coastline on the Gulf countries, Pakistan and Iran matches. Here's marine resources and fishing is great scope to develop. Natural gas discovery at Sui in Balochistan With more than fifty years have passed. This gas to Pakistan the hub of the revolution in the energy sector, but a large number of people of Balochistan from the Gas connections have not yet. Supplying gas to the country's budget deficit remains in the Balochistan province for their financial needs, the center is in need of assistance.

For the past few years, Pakistan authorities have realized the strategic importance of Balochistan. And there is the beginning of the so-called mega projects. The government's most important port of Gwadar project has been. This port connects the countries of Central Asia are Pakistan. And economic revolution in the province will occur. East Asian countries in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union itself, independent national health status have been more than 14 years

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