Balotelli Still Infertility, Rodgers Defending

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Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli still be sterile and not show sharpness. Latest, Balotelli failed to give the impression when Liverpool's 3-2 win over Queen's Park Rangers (QPR) in the Premier League continued on Sunday (10/19/2014).

Found Balotelli became targets of criticism, the Liverpool manager, Brendan Rodgers immediately provide a defense. He said that if Balotelli did not cost Liverpool to replace Luis Suarez.

Inevitably Balotelli is expected to be released Suarez replacement Liverpool with a tag of 70 million pounds to Barcelona. Liverpool brought Balotelli from Milan with the transfer of 16 million pounds.

Deadlock Balotelli in a very obvious advantage of opportunities opponents QPR. Several times, the striker bengal is a golden opportunity that was in front of the eye. Even so, Rodgers stressed if bertipikal striker Balotelli is different than Suarez.

He believes Suarez will be back sharply. "The goal was going to come to him. The most important thing for me is his work ethic. He works very hard. Goals will come for him," he told

"He was always regarded as a substitute for Suarez, I said earlier, Suarez is irreplaceable. He's a class. It was not that we ask from Balotelli. He's a great player, I quite enjoyed working with him. He wants to be better. He's very different than Suarez. "

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