banana tree

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What is the meaning of the tittle above? The meaning is to imitate what the banana tree does in this life. Banana tree can grow every where easily, banana tree always give human beings some fruits that can be consumed every time.

Many people just eat the banan without thinking of it’s tree. If we see the banana tree, we will be humble person in this world,why? Because banana tree live and produce the fruit is just for human and animal, it will not die before giving benefits for human. Even though we cut the banana tree many times, it will grow and grow again until it gives us benefit that we call “banana”.

Ater the banana tree gives us banana, they will have regenerations and die. The regeneration will do like the other banana trees do until next time. So, we must take a lesson from this tree where it will give us some benfits. We must do the positive activities in this life to be useful person. Because if we live in this world without any meanings, it will be useless.

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