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Wearing bangles in hands by women and girls is a very very old tradition of the sub continent, i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

These are the symbols of femininity and delicacy of the females.

Bangles of gold and colorful glass are worn on all the special occasions such as marriage ceremonies, parties, and Eid, Deewali and Holi Festivals.

It is the sign of ‘Suhaag’ in married women. Non wearing of bangles by any married woman is considered to be the ‘Bad Omen” or considered to be a sign of a Widow.

In Pakistan Hyderabad is famous for producing large variety and quality of bangles.

Wearing bangles add extra element of beauty and grace and overall look of a girl or a women.

It is endeavor of most women to wear matching bangles with their dresses to enhance the beauty of the feminine. 

Following are the few glimpses of Bangles worn in Indo-Pak.

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