Banning the Torrents

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Torrents are very useful now a days .many of us use torrent  to download our required stuff like software’s  ,movies ,songs ,books  and game  .We can say that it is the need for every one now a days personally use to download stuff from torrent in my daily routine .many of us use torrent to download useful content  but some of us use it for bad purposes like pornographic  and other illegal content.

The multinational companies especially which deals with the production of software’s, music industry and film industry wants to ban the torrents. Now the question arise in our mind is why they want to ban the torrents, why anyone wants to ban the thing which facilitates the people around the globe. The main reason behind this is many of these multinational industries have invested millions of their money to make their products .the product like software if we go more specific the software’s like internet download manager, Microsoft windows, and the other products like films, books, games etc.


Many of the computer science experts hack the software keys and upload the software with their key on the torrent sites free for the users, by which these companies bears the huge loss. Same with the movies and books that is the makers and author want their product to be purchased by the users, but because of torrents many of the peoples upload their products free for the users, which as we know facilitate the users but it did not give any profit to these multinational organizations which make these things and they called it cybercrime.


A decade earlier the department of cybercrime was introduced in USA to control these kinds of crimes. Few years earlier the department of cybercrime was also induced in Pakistan by the government. Even after  these department came into being the torrent cannot be blocked .They are still working but many of the small torrent sites were blocked earlier.

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