Baqh Nazargah High School Computer Training Course holds by Afghan Citadel

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Baqh Nazargah is 5 Km far away from city, that was the first school in Herat that covered by Film Annex and they built computer class for them with all equipment which necessary for a computer lab. 


Afghan Citadel holds their computer training classes for this school. The students were too excited to learn about computer and World Wide Web. They are trying to learn computer skills soon to they can work with that easily and more. The school teachers and even principle of this school are also having much interest to learn computer, they would like to learn it well. They are deciding to do their schools works with computer not paper because they know that computer would safe their data and they wouldn’t be worry about lose of papers.

Fowzia Noori is Baqh Nazargah computer teacher, she hired by Afghan Citadel. The schools staffs are too much glad of having her to their school, they like her teaching method. She has been teaching student based the curriculum which prepared by Citadel company.


She was starting to teach from computer basis and till now she is teaching them offices program and other necessary computer programs.

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Film Annex's production crew in Afghanistan documents an ordinary day at Baghnazargah School, which is 5 kilometers away from Herat. The school was established in 1989. In this video, we get a glimpse into the lives of female students, what they do in classrooms, how they play and exercise outdoors,…

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