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For me, time is the most precious resources each one of us have. We are all given the same 24 hours a day so the challenge now would be how to utilize each of our daily tasks to our available time.

I am a web developer by profession and I have a lot of different tasks each day. To help me manage my time and tasks, I at least the following tools:

1. Calendar - This will provide me a preview of important events and tasks for the next days, weeks or months. I used Google Calendar for both my personal and office accounts.

2. To-Do List - From the title itself, these is a list of tasks which you have to complete usually within a day. Currently I am using Wunderlist for this. It has a mobile app both for iOS and Android. Not only that, you can also have it on your desktop through their web app or using chome app.

3. Planner - This like a notebook with dates so it is like a calendar but you can record more detailed information since this has more space available mostly one page for each day. I used Penultimate for my planner. It's a great mobile app.

There are online tools and mobile apps today that you can used mostly are combination of the above tools. Evernote is an example of these which I also used personally.

So there you have it. Maybe you can also share to us the tools you are using for time and task management.

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