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Bats and birds have a huge similarity because both of them have wings and both can fly but a question arises that why we don’t include bats in the category of birds. However bats fly but they are not birds due to some dissimilarities and inherited traits. Birds lay eggs but bats do not lay eggs instead they give birth and are mamals. Bats feed their young ones by milk feeding them when they are infants. A bird has feathers but a bat do not have feathers, they have fur on their body. Birds shed their feathers every year unlike the bats who are born with the fur and are never get shed. Another huge dissimilarity is that birds do not have teeth while bats have very sharp teeth.

The wings of bats are formed by the stretching of skin in between their bones of their fingers opposite to human where skin is wrapped around every finger. But a very interesting fact is that bats and humans have the “same number of fingers” and “almost same structure of the fingers”.

The muscles of a bat are very strong and it can fly just because of its muscle strength by waving its wings. These are the only mammals on the face of earth that have a real ability to fly.

Bats are mainly of two types depending on the type of sense they use for their orientation and movement. Some bats use their sound to move. They transmit a sound signal and when it reflects back to their ears by encountering any hindrance they come to know how far is the object and which path they should follow. Similarly some bats can see as well and some can have both these abilities.

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