Be A King

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"You Were Born As A +King, You Will Die As A King - Now Its On You To Live The Giving Life As A King"
- Yousuf A Malahi

Don't get it!!! when you were born there was +celebrations, Your dad distributed the sweets among relatives, All your Parents relatives and friends congrats them, Even those whom your +Parents doesn't like much.
And when you will die their will a celebrations too, People will wish you happy for your after life and pray for your forgiveness, All your relatives and friends will be there crying and cheering the sadness for you... You will put in to coffin very respectfully and people will discuss and gossip about you the whole month, and if you did good things they will celebrate your death anniversary every year.

But the main thing is to live like a king when you were alive,
How we can be like a king in our lives????
Usually kings are the best, they are best at what they are doing that's why they call kings,
So 1st of all we have to be best at what we are doing, either its our +profession, +Passion and +relationships.
There is a +Business saying that
"If You Are best At what You Doing, You Will Always Be In Demand"

2nd thing is How Can We Become Best???
its simple stop lying, Always say truth, be loyal and faithful to those who are in your life, your +family, friends , +Community and work co leagues.

If you +Follow these tips you will see the difference that you are becoming best at what you doing.

"Always be the change, That You want To See In #World.

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