Be aunt....

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Today I experienced for the first time what was the unconditional love, the need to protect, educate, and care about a little person who is to become someone very special.

Being aunt is just great, because you feel a mixture of maternal love, complicity sister and friend attitude. The love felt by a nephew might connect us in an incredible way with them and although not my son, he is part of me and my life.

And to hear his little voice when I say "aunt" I melt the heart.

Experience the unconditional love.
And although we are not their mothers, we can not help but feel that responsibility, attachment and affection; the care and even educate.

Back to your childhood.
Having a nephew or niece is ideal girl to feel again, and so bring them to the park, play hide and seek, watch a marathon of all cartoons and much more.

Watching them grow
See how constantly changing and learning all day will be the best and I am sure of it and I am filled with emotion.