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I put on hold my Bohol blog because I really want to share the two mobile application that pays real cash, Paydro, and Kumu app. Now that it's already done, it's time to finish what I have started, the Bohol Escapade Blog. Now if you haven't read my two blogs about Bohol, just click the two links below.

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The two blogs were just the first day of our Bohol Trip, the countryside tour. Now for this blog, I will share our Island Hopping experience.

Bohol consists of 75 minor surrounding islands but there are three (3) islands popular to the tourist. One is the Balicasag Island; second is the Virgin Island, and the third is the Pamilacan Island. When deciding to go to Balicasag Island, automatically, Virgin Island is included in the itinerary. However, you cannot go to Balicasag and Pamilacan neither Virgin Island and Pamilacan. You can avail the three islands but, there will be two separate payments for the package.

Since we availed a travel agency for a smooth trip, we were told beforehand that we will be having an island hopping, Balicasag, and Virgin Island and a Dolphin watching. One of the staff in the resort we were staying will be the one to look for the boat we will be riding for the island hopping session.


Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook

Unfortunately, we were told that Balicasag and Virgin Island Hopping were not available, only the Pamilacan. The boat rental fee is Php 1,800 and that's good for 2 islands and a dolphin watching. However, the staff offered us one island but the boat rental fee was still the same, Php 1,800. Don't get me wrong, I know very much that Pamilacan is a beauty but we were looking forward to two or more islands to visit plus dolphins to watch. We tried to persuade them if we can go to Pamilacan and either Virgin or Balicasag Island, and they said no.

So we decided to get back our money and look for another boat by ourselves that offers the Dolphin-Watching-Balicasag-and-Virgin Island Tour. Luckily, we found the older version of us who welcomed us in the boat they were rented. They're also high school classmates who went to Bohol to have a mini-reunion.



Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook

Dolphins are popular visitors in Bohol. It takes 45-60 minutes of a boat ride to reach the area where the dolphins swim and leap around. You will know that you are near or arrive in the area when you see loads of boats.

We were supposed to depart by 6:30 AM so we can watch the pod of dolphins. But due to the inconvenience, we were able to depart at 8:00 AM. Amidst the delay and the 45-minutes of a boat ride, it was still a lucky day for us to witness dolphins leaping out of the water. Dolphins are not always present in Bohol. They sometimes miss a day or two but still, the pod of dolphins is frequent visitors in the said area.


(Please excuse my voice.) 

Video Credits: Caryl Keen via Youtube


From the Dolphin watching area, it took 10-15 minute ride to reach Balicasag Island. Balicasag Island is a small island with a rich and biodiverse marine ecosystem. The island is declared as a marine sanctuary and considered to be one of the best sites in the Philippines for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook

What To Do In Balicasag Island?

The island was really crowded. I don't blame it since it was a long weekend at that time. The boat we rented was having a hard time of docking the anchor because of boat traffic. It took us 15 minutes to step on the white sand of the island.

Honestly, we only had two and a half hours to spare in Balicasag. We didn't roam around the island and just waited for our tour guide that lasted for almost an hour.


Image Credits: Arjay Reyes

1. Feed The Fishes!

The water is crystal clear that even when you don't dip your head to the water and wear goggles, you can still see the school of fishes swimming and flipping their fins. Even on shallow water, you can still spot colorful corals and the fishes.

No one told us that we should bring food, bread to be exact, to lure the fishes. So we had to go to the area where other tourists fed the fishes. Luckily, one of the guides gave us three loaves of bread and with that, I was able to see 7 different kinds of fishes if I'm not mistaken.

Video Credits: Kev Tai

2. Swim With The Turtles!

Balicasag offers many wonders that will definitely astonish you. From the different kinds of fishes up to the different sizes of turtles. Yes, you will see small ones and of course, the bigger ones. The turtles are located on the other side of the island hence, you need to ride a boat and reach the area for a few minutes from the island. An orientation is conducted before heading there.

I don't have the experience to tell since we only availed the fish feeding. Yes, hello to low budget cut. But, if I could go back to Bohol, I'll surely swim with the turtles.


Image Credits: Jackson of Journey Era

3. Strolling Around The Island!

Balicasag Island is a small island with a diameter of 600 meters. Strolling the island would only take 45-60 minutes, depending on your pace. The island is covered with palm trees and in the middle of the island is a lighthouse tower.


Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook


Balicasag has so much to offer. The island, the sand, the water, the coral reefs, and the marine creatures are wonders to our eyes. If only we have enough time, I would definitely stroll around the island and look for a spot that is less crowded.

1. If you have gears, bring it! The rental fee for the snorkeling gears is too expensive, Php 150 - Php 200.
2. If you don't have one, negotiate with the owner of the boat or the boatman who happens to be your guide, not the coordinator himself. Our guide lent us his own goggles for free and, he even told us that if only we had told him, he could've lent to us his other goggles for a cheaper price, Php 50 only.
3. Bring loaves of breed for the fish!
4. For the fish and turtle viewing, better to have your own underwater camera. The rental fee for the underwater camera is Php 1500, and that's too expensive! It's unfortunate that we weren't able to capture the underwater beauty.

⚫ Rate: 4.3/5.0 Stars ⚫


Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook

Virgin Island

Virgin Island, also known as Pungtod or Pontod Island, is a lengthy sandbar that extended to the shallow sea from a small island. From an aerial view, this island appears to be in a C-shaped naked sandbar, more like a tadpole or a comma. The surrounding areas are mostly sea grass and the sandbar runaway makes the Virgin Island the right place to have Instagram-worthy pictures.

Honestly, there's nothing much to do here other than taking pictures and bathing in the sun. So, we only stayed for half an hour and decided to head back to Panglao Island.

⚫ Rate: 3.9/5.0 stars ⚫


Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook


I had a lot of fun especially on the dolphin watching and fish feeding part. It was one of the jaw-dropping moments of my life. However, it was unfortunate to stay only for a few hours and then leave the island. That's really the biggest advantage of combining two groups in one boat.

We arrived at Panglao Island earlier than we've expected so we had another swimming session just to satisfy our mermaid soul. It would have been better if we were able to include Pamilacan Island in our itinerary. Hopefully, sooner or later, there would be a route for Pamilacan-Balicasag-Virgin Island.


 Image Credits: Caryl Keen via Facebook

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