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Long, well-groomed hair has been a beauty ideals for centuries. But often long hair is unhealthy, brittle and broken. Fault is often the wrong care. The independent consumer magazine knows advice. Often it is the wrong shampoo, the hot blow dryers or a non-type rinse. What you can do to get beautiful hair and what possibilities there is despite brittle hair to get a true hair splendor, explained the report "tips for beautiful hair".

Long, shiny and healthy hair - which woman does not dream of it. After all, they has been a beauty site for centuries. Reality often looks different. The hair is blunt, dull and unhealthy. A nightmare for many women. In their despair, they attack expensive and often senseless care products, which ultimately promise a lot but do not help. For it is not just the product, but usually also the way in which the hair is treated. The usual "dry scrubbing", for example, is just as harmful as too hot blow-dryers.Over portions of shampoo or conditioner harms the hair more than it does, and the hairbrush is not only to comb, but also to maintain the hair type-appropriate.

The independent consumer magazine provides advice in the "Tips for beautiful hair" report, which can make sense for its hair, for example the reduced use of shampoo - more than a walnut quantity is simply too much But also the diet has an influence on the hair, eggs, whole grain products and nuts are, for example, biotin and vitamin H suppliers, without the beautiful hair can not grow, and if the hair is necessarily delivered by scissors, there are still possibilities For long hair, for example, well-made hair extensions are a possibility.

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