beautiful thing of our beautiful world

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In the nature every thing is so beautiful. Human beings, animals, plants, forests, mountains, seas. All that things combined to form this beautiful world. Between all these things, birds are also have a great importance.

Especially the poet use the world bird has a sign of beauty. Many poems written on the topic of the birds. Birds are so soft creature. There are two types of birds , one is running birds and other is flying birds . Running birds are those birds in which they have wings but they do not fly like peacock.

Flying birds are those birds in which they have wings and they fly on the height of the sky. There are so many birds like sparrow, pigeon, parrot, crow. All these birds are so beautiful and attractive. Some birds live on the stem of the big trees and some are lived on the forest and mountains.

Some birds are also domestic pets like sparrow, pigeon, peacock, parrot and most of the people take care of it in homes . Some most attractive and colorful birds are also present in zoo of different countries. Birds mostly eat fruits, vegetables, seeds and wheat.

  The number of birds is greater in villages as compared to cities because they lived on trees and more trees are present in villages. Birds are the part of nature so they happy to live in fresh and clean environment. Birds are present in different colors but the most beautiful colors are red, white and black. Some birds are the combination of different colors like parrot.

Their color is green but the peak is red. In short birds are the beautiful gift of God which enhanced not only the beauty of the life but also very useful for human beings because they eat that organisms which damage the crops in the field of agriculture. Birds are also the source of income of the poor peoples.

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