Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

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Everyone has had mean things said about them, many of them hard to overcome or get out of your mind. I remember as a small child when an older girl (teenager) told me little kids were cute but I wasn't, that stuck with me quite a while. I remember when my first real boyfriend, when I was 13, called me ugly and laughed, then broke up with me. It was hard to get over. As I got older, I've had every insult you could possibly think of. People will hate you just to hate you sometimes, whether they know you or not.

I say this in the strongest way possible though, no matter what people have said about you, you ARE beautiful. There is someone in this world who has an ideal of what beauty is and you fit it perfectly in your own unique way. You have to move past the hateful comments and realize that those people are ugly on the inside. People that purposely try to tear someone down, has nothing better going for themselves. Don't sweat the small stuff.

I don't care what people think anymore. As I've got older, I've grown into my beauty and there are those that deny it, those that are filled with envy and curse my name, then those that see it shine like nothing they've ever seen before. I refuse to harbor the insults and agree with them. Some have said "you've become so beautiful over the years" or "you've developed beautifully". What I say is, those that once called you ugly aren't worth the time or the new compliments. If they could never see the beauty inside in the first place, then are they even worth a friendship just because they finally see it on the outside.

I say this in addition, in reality, that outward appearance isn't all that matters. A beautiful soul is the most precious and wonderful thing. Outward beauty is only skin deep. Look for those that see your inner beauty and look for it in others.

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