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Nowadays we see boy and girls both are doing a lot of fashion too be connected with our daily lives.

In past the boys or gents don’t go to the beauty salon but now we see they take more tension of that.

And now our new generations are too much involve in this system.

They go to beauty salon for their skin and hair cuttings so they can be in touch with new fashions.

Girls love to look pretty.


And boys love to be handsome.

We have heard and believe that if one thing has advantages then it also have disadvantages.

So let’s start with advantages.

Advantages of it:-

                               Its allow males and females to be beautiful as they desire to be.

Now a female using a lot of beauty and hairs salons just too be pretty and same thing with mans.

Females are going to salons to get new look by hairs cutting and makeup, nails shaping, massage, waxing and many more things.



Males are using it to be handsome by getting massage new look and hair styles.

Disadvantages of it:-

                                    Nowadays young girls are going to salon but it is not good for them because the products which are used to make our skin white or beautiful are not good for our skin it’s contains a lot of chemicals which destroy our smooth skin.

By waxing it’s destroyed our arms or legs tissues.

By massage we feel relaxed but it’s too harmful for our body.


Boys and girls try to avoid these things.

I know it’s too much difficult but we have to try.






Mahnoor raja!!!

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