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I am a Filipino. I am proud to be one but I know one person who isn't a Filipino literally but is trying to become one. 

I bet you know who I am referring to, this post is an appreciation with how Kulas or real name Kyle Jennerman is doing at this point. I follow Kulas' adventure in the Philippines and how he loves doing what we, Filipinos are doing and I wonder how he had this love with the Philippines.

Today, I have read one post he had written around early this year and I realized, some of our good habits as Filipinos are somehow fading and one of these habits is the "blessing".

I am definitely sure you have been taught to do this when you were young if you are a Filipino though. Our parents and grandparents even those who are not really related to us as long as they are older than us would lend their hand and would let us take it and place it in our foreheads. It's a sign of respect. But lately, I have observed families, children, young ones who are not anymore doing it. As per one friend whom I asked as to why I have not seen her doing so, she always sees her parents everyday so what's the use of blessing them everyday.

I remember when I was still young, I missed to "bless" my mama one morning, yes we were taught to do this every day, she was hurt about it she felt i was not anymore respecting her. Reading Kulas' article (read here) reminded me that blessing the elders, our parents is not just a sign of respect but also of love. I have understood why we have to do it everyday, every time we see far relatives older than us because we are showing not just our respects to them as our elders but we are also showing love to them.

I hope this tradition would stay in our culture that our new generations will still be taught how to do it and why we are doing it. Always take the time to teach your children the value that we all get by doing this simple act.

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