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Ludwig van beethoven was a legendary music director and a pianoist. He has produced some great music melodies that are still liked and admired by people all over the world. Beethoven and Mozart were the music legends of almost the same times.

The life of Beethoven started from a very small area named “Bonn” which is a place in the now called Germany. He was born in 1770. He remained in Bonn for 22 years of his early life. Since childhood the love and passion of music was seen in him. His priliminary tutor was his father who was also a musician, the great “Johann van Beethoven”.  Later he moved to “Vienna” for studying music from a very renowned personality of the time “Sir Joseph Hyden”.

Soon he became well renowned and gained popularity as a pianoist. He was best at his skill and produced very astonishing music. His compositions instantly became popular due to their depth and artistic feeling. His most famous compositions include his compositions for orchestra , the strings written for quartrets and solo piano sheet music.

Unfortunately this musical legend became ill soon and spent the last days of his life in severe illness. It is said that he was deafin the last years and could even barely hear when someone spoke loud to him. However he is a legend and will remain in our hearts forever.

Here are some beautiful solo piano melodies created by Beethoven.



The portraits of Ludwing van Beethoven made by artists of that time are presented below.





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