Befriend a Dragonfly and Bring Peace to Earth

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I have two dragonfly friends that come and sit on me and try to communicate with me. The first one I named Seeker because she was brave enough to approach me first. The second one I call Bomber because he intoduced himself by dive bombing me. Probably because I was messing with his girlfriend. LOL

My challenge to my readers is to go out into nature and try to befriend a dragonfly yourself. The rules are you cannot force yourself on the dragonfly. The dragonfly must approach you of their own FREEWILL. You cannot capture the dragonfly and you cannot bribe them with food. You must use body language and sign language alone to achieve this friendship. Make up your own sign language if you don't know any sign language, but be consistant.

Remember everything that you had to do to win the trust and friendship of the dragonfly. Then try to treat everyone that you meet just like you treat your dragonfly. Try it with family members and especially remember to apply it to the most important loves in your life. I bet you can find and keep the love of your life, for life,  if you will remember to treat them like a dragonfly. Respecting their right to FREEWILL. The key is that it takes time to build trust. Once that trust is established then the majik begins.

Of course, when you realize that we all have the right to FREEWILL and you act as though you have FREEWILL it often upsets other people who have become accustomed to telling you what to do and how to do it. Just remember that you are entitled to your FREEWILL just as much as they are entitled to their FREEWILL. No one can be trully FREE as long as they are trying to control someone else.

Bomber was trying to visit with me while I was trying to paint the other day. I looked around and he was upside down on the paint bucket lid. His wings were all covered in paint! I gently reached down and extracted him from the paint and tried to pour water over him to get the paint off. The whole experience was too frightening for him and he flew out of my hands before I could get all the paint off. The next thing I knew I looked over and he was swimming in the bucket of water that I was soaking my paint brushes in!

I once again picked him up. This time he seemed to realize that I was trying to help him. He tried to communicate with me before flying off. I am hoping that with practice I can begin to understand their attempts at communicating. I guess the first time I tried to clean him he had enough paint left on his wings that he landed in the paintbrush water. At anyrate he came and sat in my lap about four times before the evening was over. I had been signing that we were friends by pointing to him and then pointing to me and putting my forefingers together and moving them away from me. I did it with my cat also, so they would get the idea that we are all friends. Now with him I make the r sign from American sign language because after saving him twice we are really close friends! Just my own made up sign language but he and Seeker seem to understand.

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