Being a refugee: a story worth reading

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Earlier, I shared how my friend successfully reached Iran illegally after 7 days. Yes, they do some resting in the open, where anything can happen to them as shelter is really difficult to find. Additionally, the human traffickers often want the game to be successful and in this game, they have huge number of people who desire to leave for Europe.


This friend reached Iran and stayed at the human traffickers place for 2 days in Tehran which is the capital of Iran. After resting fod 2 days, a car ride was organized from Tehran to Urumya which is a border area touching Turkey and after 15 hours journey, they reached Urumya where they stayed for one day and during the night they left for Wan.


Again, this is a dangerous journey as you have to cross the border from Iran to Turkey illegally. Well, in order to get there, you obviously have to sneak in through the tough to climb mountains and in isn't possible with heavy bags. So everyone decides to take the important stuff such as money, mobile, food, hot clothes and leave everything behind that includes pairs of shoes, clothes, garments, blankets and other stuff that will be a hinder in their journey through the mountains. From Urumya to Wan, you have to walk 2 hours after you get off your car and then you reach a river which you have to cross through small boats. Each boat can adjust 6 people, sadly, there are upto 20 people each that cross through thr river.

After crossed the river, you reach the Wan (Turkish territory), now the tough journey through the mountains begin. This journey includes maximum risk as well as each refugee is forced to climb the mountains and remember the secret code given to them by the human traffickers. As each refugee group is led by different party of the human trafficker, for this purpose they are given a secret code that they must remember so that if sometimes uncertain or unfortunate happens or if they get lost or probably theives follow them then these secret codes come in handy. 

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