"Being to create, create to be"

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Each person is different from the rest of others, each have their personality and creativity, we could say that these are the main features that characterize a person. Personality is just the pattern of thoughts, feelings and behavior that presents a person and that persists throughout life, through different situations. The man is very creative, because creativity is developed throughout our lives, as it is necessary and important, we characterized by what we first need to know to finally enhance something unique, we all have the power to be creative , creativity is no longer a word that is limited to artists, is something that can be found in anyone, as is the ability and need to do something of value, can be great, may be small ... do something new, different which may surprise more than anything, it is about being passionate, creating something that others can use and appreciate.

What comes from the creativity comes from inspiration ... inspiration we can find in the world we live in and the people around us, it's fun and moments we shared with them ... and those who live day to day, to be creative you have to run risks, take several paths and learn new things every day, perhaps initially a little difficult, but we always learn when we try. Anything that anyone does, but you always have to take it to practice everything we have, this defines us a little more the way how we really are, creativity and how we are going much hand because as initially said depends on a personality and that personality we defined who we are and our ability to do many things and how to solve problems, but creative people have a great imagination. Usually they create a number of ideas, coupled with a high degree of commitment to their development. Wander between reality and fiction.

To be necessary to create and to create must be, all that we believe identifies us more about us that we emphasize on creativity every time we capture something with the simple fact of seeing it we can realize who that person all it conveys something so simple, can create many things being oneself also helps to grow as a person, creative people are paradoxical in the sense that in them characteristics that can be very positive exist simultaneously and can work in many and many things, so it is to be creative and be yourself is yourself.