Benefits of Eating Banana

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Banana is one of favorite fruit of everyone around the world. It is very popular and highly consume because of its cost. Here in the Philippines it is affordable. Most of people eat banana almost everyday. Bananas are good source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and Minerals are choices to make the body work properly and boost the immune system.

Banana is also rich in fiber, contains a 2.6 grams per 100 grams of bananas. Fiber should be part of regular diet. Fiber decreases the risk of having heart disease. It prevents of having high blood pressure. It helps to regulate the blood the sugar in the body. Fibers also can reduce the risk of having cancers.

Banana is available all year round. It is different from other fruits which is seasonal in harvesting. That’s why nutritionist recommends it to those maintain healthy diet. Eating at least two bananas before going to work out will give you strength to last in two hours exercise. It will fight you against muscle cramps. Studies state that it can block the absorption of cholesterol to the body. It is a low fat food so it helps to loose weight.

Most of us enjoy eating this yellow skinned fruit because of its sweetness content and taste really good. Eating banana can fill an empty stomach. It helps to protects against ulcers. According to other studies banana contains a protease inhibitors to eliminate stomach ulcers.

Banana is good in skin that can cure some skin problems. It fights other skin disease. Example of this is facial treatments for face. Skin of banana is use in removing warts in face.

Banana relieves stress. After a long stressful day of working you may grab some banana. It will change the mood of a person. It contains serotonin that enhances the mood of a stress person. “Serotonin means it is popularly thought to be a contributor to feelings of well-being and happiness and it is used to regulate intestinal movements”. Source:

Nowadays, instead of an apple, “A Banana a Day Keeps the Doctors Away”, because banana gives you more nutrients than a traditional apple.

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