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Dear friends, as I've already discussed the top leading benefits of the internet and today I would like to tell you some more benefits of using the internet and this would be part 2 of my job. I'm sure that you will learn from it and will like it too.


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Dear friends, as I've already told you what is the internet but some of my friends may not have read my previous submission so for their knowledge I will tell you, in short, the meaning of internet.

What is the internet?


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The Internet is the communication system and through this system, we can connect with our friends and family and people all around the world. We can communicate with them easily and in a better way. The Internet is the service which connects us with millions of people worldwide and we can avail this facility at a very cheap price at home.

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The Internet has made many changes in our life and now we can work even better and in a new way very easily. We can get many benefits from the internet and now I will discuss some of them below here.

Social Media:


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Through the internet, we can use social media sites such as twitter, facebook, Instagram and many more. These social sites are very popular these days and these are using a big time for our people. We can easily communicate with our friends through these sites and we can make new friends on these sites. We can also learn many things from these social media apps. We can also get invitations for special occasions through these apps. We can get many new things through these social media sites.





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The news of our daily routine has become now a compulsory need for us. We should remain in touch with news and current affairs. We can remain in touch with the news and the latest updates through the internet and we should do it. Through the internet, we can know all of the news from the whole world and it has become very simple and easy way. Through online bulletin and news updates, we can stay in touch.

Online Games:


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Through the internet, we can play games online and it is very easy and simple way. We can play games against the real players from all world and we can enjoy a lot. Online playing games are a very easy way and this is a great enjoyment.


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The solution for problems:


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There are several solutions to our many problems on the internet. For example, if our pc goes into trouble then we can find a better solution on the internet. We can find solutions from other people too and we can take help from an expert. We can also help other people on the internet and we can tell them how to solve their problems and we can also earn revenue by solving the problems of other people. There are several websites on the internet are available which have many solutions and these are free of cost and you can find help easily.

Email Through Internet:


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Email stands for electronic mail and this service is done with the help of internet. We can send our precious documents to other places through email in seconds. We can also message or contact other people through Email service. We can send audio and video messages through the internet and Email.

Funds and Charity Donations:


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We can now donate our funds and charities through the help of internet and it is very easy and simple. We can donate funds to our desired organization and it is very easy and simple and most of the organizations support the online banking system and can receive donations through it.

Online Storage:


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With the help of the internet, you can store your files and documents to your online drive. Several companies like Google, Amazon are giving access to free storage and you may also buy storage if you have extra files. You can store files such as your personal videos, photos, documents and many more. These documents are in safe custody and you just have to remember your account details and credentials. You can access your files from anywhere in the world and you can also get your files anytime. This is the easiest way to store your personal files in the secure place.

Religious Education:

Through the internet, you can easily learn religious values and in our country Pakistan, many people are paying services online and they are teaching students from the foreign countries. This is a very easy method and students can learn from home with an easy method of the internet. Furthermore, they are getting paid for them and earning a good revenue.

Dear friends, There are several benefits of the internet and its usage. We can learn many things from it and we can make our life easier and happier. Although there are some problems and disadvantages we have to make our life successful through the internet and we should work sincerely.

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If we understand the benefits then we will get most of them and we should give our children a complete education about it. We must pay them attention so that they can learn it completely.

Dear friends, the Internet is like a deep sea and you can find millions of new things through it. You can find many new things through it but remember only one thing that uses it positively and doesn't get negative.

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Dear friends, Thanks for spending your precious time with us. I'm sure that you will learn a lot.

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