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The many ways people communicate information to a large audience is known as media..This communication can be in the form of writing, speaking, printing, or any kind of digital form.

Throughout history leaps in technology from the invention of printing to the growth of the internet has led to better and faster ways of reaching out to people.Todays information can be relayed around the globe in seconds. The 20th century more has seen more changes in the way people lived their lifes than any other era. Among the centuries many new inventions have been invented such as televisions, pc, internet, radios, gramophones, walkmans, phones, type writers, newspapers, magazines. Television was invented in 1930.

It has brought news & entertainment to a wider audience. Radio was invented in 1938. It has filled the airwaves with music talk news & drama. Newspapers are published on a daily basis / or weekly that contain news, information, stories and also advertising. Magazines does not actualy date as quickly as that of a newspaper. They cover more movies, jokes, or the world of showbiz. Phones & Pc. This technology enables small hand held gadgets to perform multiple- functions. Now the big question off all is " Does this media benefit us in any positive way or is it all more negative"??. No doubt without the means of all this media communication around the world would become very difficult, but is this world gaining any benefits from all these forms of media? Or does it seem to be going more towards the negative side.....!!

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