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Good for the heart, while it is true that vitamins and minerals are potential antioxidants from fruits, on the block this property is due to the amount of natural chemicals (phytochemicals) concentrated in their peel. The antioxidantesneutralizan the free radicals that oxidize our cells thus increasing the risk of developing heart disease, degenerative diseases and cancer.

Also, it is considered a fruit diuretic thanks to the moderate concentrations of potassium, this makes it suitable for patients with fluid retention or high blood pressure. Patients with kidney failure, you must remember that the apple, like other fruits, is discouraged by the restriction of potassium in your diet.

Good for constipation and diarrhea, the skin of The apple contains insoluble fiber that helps bowel movement, in such a way that if we eat it raw, with shell and prevents constipation. Already in the supermarkets we can find bran apple that it is precisely this type of fiber that is very nice to include in our preparations, such as cookies, or fruit salad with yogurt (remember, then take a glass of water to hydrate the fiber and achieve a bowel movement).

In the flesh we find pectin, a type of soluble fiber, which rather slows down the intestinal transit in addition to collect water, decreasing its loss during diarrhea. The pulp also contains natural chemicals called tannins, these have astringent properties and anti-inflammatory. Recognizing them is easy because they feel rough on the palate and easily darken when exposed to the environment. If you grate the pulp of the apple, soon the tannins will appear darkened. You already know, the apple raw with skin it regulates the bowel, but peeled and grated will help you to cope with the diarrhea.

Good to prevent cavities is Definitely no substitute for brushing of teeth, however the texture of the apple that you can sweep the remains of food from the teeth, in addition to the delicious juice that delights our palate turns out to be a good preventive measure to decay.

Care with kidney stones, If you suffer from kidney stones, ask to know what are gallstones formed because food can help your training. Such is the case of the apple that contains oxalic acid during digestion can be combined with molecules of calcium, forming calcium oxalate, a compound that forms a certain type of calculation. Now the cooking of the apple removes the oxalic acid, in this way, the patient with kidney stone could consume it.

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