Benefits of wood part 1

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Every thing which has made by Allah is useful for human beings. Wood is also the creation of Allah and this is also useful for human beings. Different things are made by wood and wood comes from the trees. There are lots of benefits of wood. We can made the different things like chairs, tables and beds. Trees are the good friends that’s why we should made the good friends. We can get the heat from wood and also can get the fire for cooking.

In Pakistan the Mianwali, Sahiwal and Rawalpindi are the main areas which produces the wood.

Different kinds of wood can be produces from different trees. We can use the wood for different purposes. First of all cut the trees. After that for drying the wood, we put it in the sun light. When the wood will be dry after some days. We will cut that tree in different pieces. In this we can use the wood easily.

We can made the house with the wood. The wood made house looks very beautiful. These kinds of houses looks very beautiful. After jointing the pieces of wood. We put the wall around these wood pieces.

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