Benefits of Yogurt

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Yogurt directly affects body functions such as digestion and immunity , also known that yogurt is made from milk and therefore benefit the body of the animal protein content of milk , calcium and vitamin « b » , potassium and magnesium ..

 Yogurt helps to prevent and treat some diseases of the bone , and in order to contain the calcium needed by the human body of all ages , as well as some types of yogurt contains vitamin « d » which helps to cure many of the diseases of the bone.
 Reduces the risk of high blood pressure , where there is a recent study shows the relationship between the system daily eating and the dangers of high blood pressure , in this study it was found that skimmed milk helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure , and thus Valzbadi also performs the same role.
 Yogurt is good for the digestive tract , where it helps to prevent constipation , diarrhea, colitis and colon cancer and certain other diseases , where there is in the intestines of some types of bacteria , including beneficial bacteria , so Valzbadi helps to balance between the types of bacteria in the gut by regulating the time it takes food in the intestine even leaving the body, or by helping to increase the body's immunity .

 Yogurt helps to discourage - Reduce - vaginal infection , especially for diabetics , since diabetics are more prone to vaginal infections .
 Yogurt helps the feeling of satiety , where the study confirmed when you eat yogurt at the time of the meal that followed you feel less hungry and more satiation .

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