Best And Worst Texts Messages You Can Receive From Your Bae

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Getting a text from your boyfriend or girlfriend can make your day. Some texts can put you down in the dumps. Here's a collection of texts that left some smiling and others crying.

#1. Virtual kisses from now onwards:

This guy is an idiot! Dude seriously, REAL kisses require REAL roses.

#2. Sexting mood killer:

The girl is a genius……There's nothing sexier than the real thing.

#3. The best birthday present ever:

Brittany is your present.

#4. The dirty picture:

This girl definitely knows how to give what he asks for. The guy loses inspiration, he’s sad.

#5. Getting horny in the dark:

Sometimes girls don't simply get the idea of sexting. What worse could have happened if she just switched on the flashlight on her phone while capturing the image? Imagination and creativity is all that's needed in the dark.


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