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The more advanced development of android smart phone, making the interested investors started to spread in the advertising business is a smart phone application android.Android most useful for today, ahead of two other competitors, namely Apple and Windows Phone.Android more superior in terms of applications offered from the Apple, because android developed by google richer applications and games that make the user does not easily get bored and always treated by a variety of applications and games that are always updated.

Keep on any android application that can generate the money ??
From my own experience, there are two applications of the most easy to use and offers a sizable commission, namely:

Whaff Reward
Is the best tribute to pal application android users by doing missions provided whiff that include installing the application may reward between $ 0.10 $ -3, run any application can reward and missions.IF regular buddy install applications from whiff reward will eat more and more commissions in the can. For the withdrawal of at least $ 10 through Paypal.

-install applications whaff of playstore or you can clikc here...

-login with facebook
-AAnd then input this code "AF12700" For $ 0.75 the first to get the reward you
-after it, download applications that offer whiff
(reward $ 0.10 $ -3 per download)
-and invite your fb friends
(reward $ 0.30 per invite)

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