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This time Biters of loyal fans Bitlanders (Arjun-Megantara-Gants) make a list of anime with the best battle scenes. Anime battle What are some who managed to steal the hearts of fans of Japanese anime and made it into the top 10 of this list?

10. Dragon Ball

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If there is a high-speed battle in the air every fan would definitely call it a typical scene of Dragon Ball. Do not be surprised if one of these legendary anime included in this list.


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If you had to pick one of the many best fight scene in BLEACH, then the fight Ichigo and Ulquiorra feels is one of the best.

8. Naruto

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Anime is arguably the most popular anime today was only able to be in the order of 8. In this poll seems to Naruto and Naruto Shippuden are considered one entity, together with a series of Dragon Ball in the previous sequence. If you have to choose the best battle scenes of Naruto, which one you choose? It feels fight Naruto vs Sasuke still the most epic.

7. A Certain Series

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Almost every poll this kind of tastes A Certain Series are always included in the list. But why the continuation of the anime was not immediately made too well?

6.One Piece

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One Piece was apparently only able to be in the 6th position. What are some of your favorite battle scenes in anime battle on this one?

5.Sword Art Online

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Kirito fight in the gaming world was successfully surpassed many titles that are more popular. Well, it can not be denied in the anime battle scenes battle is indeed one of the main attraction.

4. One Punch Man

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It should be recognized though One Punch Man is an anime with the budget standard but visually presented in a very remarkable fight.

3. Attack on Titan

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It is undeniable that the visual Attack on Titan is one of the best visual anime so far. No exception for battle scenes.

2.Fate Series

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One more battle anime adaptation of the light novel and successful entry in this list. It's still fresh in our memory, especially how Fate managed to keep us captivated by cool battle scenes in this anime since the first episode.

1. Gintama

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Gintama anime is basically not a battle. But more deserves to be called as a gag anime. But I can not deny, each time there is a battle scene has always done very well. Not surprisingly, included Gintama anime is much preferred all circles. It seemed almost everyone will be able to enjoy this anime. Portions battle scene is not much, but always managed to keep us captivated. Well, unless it was not the intention of the fight.


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