Best examples of Native Advertising - 'Papa' for Wind, by Ogilvy & Mather Italy

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Have you ever watched one of those 2 to 4 minute videos that look like a short film... until you reach the end and see the name of a brand? If so, you have been exposed to native advertising.

One of the best native video ads that I have seen recently, in my opinion, is 'Papa', created for Wind Italia by the ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Italy. Thanks to the creativity and talent of its director, Giuseppe Capotondi, and the ad agency team, watching 'Papa' will make you wish all commercials were that good.

"Technology isn't everything" is the message behind the ad, where we follow the journey of a man trying to get back in touch with his father, while getting a glimpse at their relationship through flashbacks from his childhood and teenage years. The man has all means of modern communication as his disposal, from smartphone to the Internet, but it's eventually the simplest form, face to face, that he'll choose.

So why would a telecommunication company encourage us to not use their service? Well this isn't about that. It's about remembering why we communicate, and how to make the experience better. Now when I think Wind Italia, I will think of this short film - not ad -and what it made me feel. Job well done, Wind.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Milan, Italy
Chief Creative Officers: Giuseppe Mastromatteo, Paolo Iabichino
Client creative director: Giordano Curreri, Marco Geranzani
Art Director: Giordano Curreri
Copywriter: Marco Geranzani
Client Service Director: Silvia Sgarbi
Account Director: Ethiopia Abiye
Producer: Francesca Dagostino, CDP Danielle Joujou
Video Post-Production: Corte 11
Audio Post Production: Top Digital
Music: "To build a home" Cinematic Orchestra
Director: Giuseppe Capotondi
O.P.: Tat Radcliffe
Editing: Guido Notari
Production Company: Mercurio Cinematografica
Executive Producer: Francesco Pistorio

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