Best tips in gaining buzz without buzz deals!

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We all know that there are a lot of tips out there but so far base on my experience these are the best ways and take note, THIS DOES NOT DEPEND ON REVENUES OR DAILY TREASURES. So lets start:

1. Subscribe as many unspamming accounts or characters.

2. Then you may observe this as well that on every subscribers you have there is a unique post on each that has been promoted by bitlanders that is accompanied by ten satoshis. This is what they called satoshi hunting.

3. Now start hunting and claim each satoshis on each promoted post as you refresh the home page always. Then at the same time buzz, yes buzz the post that was promoted

4. Now as you observe and enjoy each post that was promoted you will also be gaining satoshis and helping charities on each claim. Take note that a simple ten satoshis will grow and grow, even bigger than your daily revenue. I tried that many times each day and i earn two times more than my daily earnings each day with a minimum of 30 buzz a day.

5. Enjoy your earnings and those people whom you subscribed will pay back the buzz that you gave them. As simple as that buzz deal is not needed and you earn more because of the extra satoshis each you claim on each buzz.

6. Earnings are doubled and your network will grow as many will subscribe you back.

7. Your buzz base will grow more as bitlanders anti spam system sees that your a true user of bitlanders.


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