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Hashocea is a cloud mining website created more than 2 years and a half years ago to the United States and it has 6 data centers in the world (2 in San Francisco, 1 in New York, 1 in Nuremberg and 2 in Singapore). Serious and transparent, it one of the biggest cloud mining sites of the world.

To begin it is necessary to get power (in KH/s) for a minimum amount of 2,6 million Satoshi (that is 20 KH/s) so that it brings back you 14 000 Satoshi / day (or 420 000 Satoshi by month). More you invest in the website and more it will bear you interests because you have a return on investment after 5 months. You can choose the option "payment automatic" and you will receive automatically in your wallet Bitcoin 500 000 Satoshi without even connecting you. You will be paid every day with the possibility of receiving an e-mail giving you the amount of the payment as well as the amount of your account. Once bought, nothing more to do, you can reinvest or to resell your KH/s when you want.

You will receive 15 KH/s free for your registration 

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