Beware of Scams

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Why do people get victimized by scams ? Very often , people fall victim to scams simply because they are not really clear on what they want . Again , they just have general idea of earning extra money .

These are two basic rules to follow before you take out money from your pocket to buy a product and / or to invest .

★. The first consideration is personal 

★  The second consideration is whether or not the offering and the company that is making the offer is legitimate and credit worthy .Generally , scams offer very attractive and unbelievely high returns . 

As they say , you most likely reaction is  " IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE  " .  If that is so , then most likely  , IT IS REALLY TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE . 


Talagang malamang hindi totoo ang pinangakong pinansyal . 

When offered to join a network , ask yourself the following questions : 

What is my interest in joining this network ? 

Will I buy the product because I need it ?

Will I buy it because it is only available from this network ?

Will I buy it because I am getting a very good discount ? 

If your answer are NO to the above , or it is clear that your interest is not to buy but rather to make extra income , ask these questions further :

Will I make good extra income by selling the products ? 

Is the product worth the time and effort I must exert to earn extra income ?

Will I have the time and the talent to make this happen ?


If the answer are again  NO , then walk away from the offer and   SAVE YOURSELF TIME AND MONEY .




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