Beyond Afghanistan: A Marine looking to the future- The importance of (G.I.V.E) @ Film Annex

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Global initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship (G.I.V.E) is a project designed to give highly skilled war veterans business opportunities the chance to apply their skills to opening up their own business. It is an excellent opportunity for any man or woman who has served their country to make their dreams come true.

THE IMPORTANCE OF (G.I.V.E) - All too often war veterans are inaccurately branded as damaged goods. The things we have seen and done are viewed in a negative light, and the true value of these events are not noticed. A Marine that has been in combat possesses an iron will that will not waiver. To survive in combat you must push aside all fear and doubt and move forward. Always forward or you risk being pushed back. If you apply this to the business world, you get a person that posses the ability to make tough decisions and a person who will do what it takes to move forward, not matter what. This project is a veteran support organization that will measure the true value of veterans abilities and help them with military employment opportunities.

MOTIVATION - I am very motivated to help other veterans reach their goals, including veterans starting a business. While serving in the Marines I have met many people that will forever have an impact on my life. I have an immense amount of pride when I call myself a Marine and I value these men as my friends and my brothers in arms. I would do anything it takes to establish employment opportunities for veterans. (G.I.V.E) is a perfect platform for Global Initiative for Veteran Entrepreneurship.

CPL DEER'S FUTURE - I have a great many goals that I wish to achieve in my life. The first and foremost is to open my own gym and be proud to say that I am the boss. Using the skills, values, and character that the Marine Corps has instilled in me, I am very confident that I will achieve this. I plan to use (G.I.V.E) to the fullest so that I may be able to realize my dream.

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