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                               BIG CATS 


pictures are all mine 



One of the most beautiful and capable hunters in the animal kingdom is my favourite  creatures in the world 

my dream as a child was to pet a big cat which of course my parents laughed  hard about yet still i was  amazed by these animals and finally last year on  my visit to Malaysia I saw these animals closely  and i was glad to see how well they are kept in the zoo providing them every thing they love . but sadly these creatures are in a great danger every year they are been hunt down and used as trophies by hunters around the globe .

There are two main kinds of tigers the Bengal tiger and and the Siberian tiger  

following is in an image of a Bengal tiger from  the zoo of Malaysia 



I was very happy to see this creature living  happily although he is in captivity yet provided with  better chances of surviving then other tigers which are being hunt down across India and are being hunt down for amusement .

That  being said Indian Government  recently banned to the hunting for tigers still very few are left and people and wild life organizations are trying to save these cats 

following is an image of a white lion with very few of them alive I was lucky enough to get a picture with one tigers

No doubt this is the most beautiful big cat alive along with the Liger  and Tigon 




The liger is a hybrid cross between male lion and female tiger which is an even bigger cat then lion or tiger 


Although a cat like this can only be created by hybrid method but still it is really beautiful and these kind of experiments are very useful to get to know about these creatures 


                                                  FACTS ABOUT BIG CATS 

1. Cheetah is the fastest cat alive having a top speed of 120km/h in short distance

2. Lioness hunts in the pride while the lion mostly protects it and rests almost 20 hours a day duh lazy cats 

3. There are 20 different kinds of big cats in the world 

4. mostly people see them as wild predators but they can be tamed to live with humans in some special circumstances 




most of us dont know but there are people who life with wild untamed cats yes there are some specialist who are making relations with wild cats so they get know them better and can save them from extinction 


Kevin Richardson is know as the lion whisperer and can make relation with wild big cats not just that due to his unique methods he lives with them in their natural  habitat in Africa  

following is a picture of him with a wild lion 



amazing . with people like Kevin working for the cause to save big cats we may save these magnificent creatures from extinction and provide them a nice  peaceful environment to live 


with that all being said all we can do as donate for these creatures . there some wild cat sanctuaries which are working to save these creatures so make sure you give your part to save these magnificent. beautiful big cats so the world may see them in the next century 

following are the last pictures i took in Malaysia  of these cats 












Well that is all for today and my first ever blog is complete 



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