Big Hero 6.

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"Big Hero 6" is set in San Fransokyo, an amalgamation of San Francisco and
Tokyo. The protagonist, Hiro Hamada, is a robotics genius who spends his time hustling in illegal street robot fighting matches. His brother, Tadashi, is also very good at robotics and is studying it at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. One night "on the way" to a bot-fighting match, Tadashi takes Hiro to his "nerd school," and Hiro is so amazed at the things they are doing that he decides he has to attend the school, too.

The thing that Tadashi is working on is a robotic medic known as Baymax. Baymax is able to evaluate the physical condition of the patient and prescribe the proper treatment. He is also inflatable and made of vinyl, so as to make him huggable and nonthreatening.

However, to get in, Hiro has to come up with an amazing new invention to present at a symposium. What Hiro designs is a miniaturized version of the same robots that he uses in his bot fights, and that are telepathically controlled by use of a headband.

Tragedy strikes that night and leads Hiro, four of Tadashi's friends, and Baymax, on the path of becoming a superhero team.

I love superhero things. I bought my first comic book in 1974 and continued collecting them until 1984. Then I took it up again for the years from 1993 through around 2004.

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