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Hi !!

Yes, I am going to talk about the best social app ever made , I know it would be difficult for you to believe. But U can Try it to Believe it. Just Go for Bigo live on Playstore and Itunes. Let me tell you about this app and some outstanding Features it got.

1. You can check and chat with any Person who has joined Bigo live. Isn't that great !

2. You can watch live Broadcast from people around the globe, People nearest to You , and also Country or Region wise. Based on different Category Options.

3. You can watch Gamers running their Broadcastes, where you can chat with them about game suggestions.

4. If not Happy, You can also start your own Broadcast any time .

5.Even you can Hide your Location in the Profile.

6. This app is free to Download and Use. Its Biggest Positive Point is that it has No Advertisements at All .

7. Your ID. will go through different Levels Depending Upon your Activities on Bigo Live.Higher Levels means More respect and Value.

I will tell Some other Cool and Interesting Features of Bigo Live in My Next Blog. 

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