Bill Gates 10 Golden Rules

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Bill Gates says the way to success is hard and difficult, way to success worries you, and vestigial difficulties and you will then see green garden, but in the end there is no true dedication to the work and the odds nevertheless, make your way. The secret of his success, he explains and adds 10 principles of success in life and experience the essence of all the 10 golden rules.


Life: Life is not easy, there is no perfect person, but lucky and the option to change your life God has given to man, success and failure, riches and fame, honor and dishonor of the man is in his hand, "REMEMBER Steering your life is in your hands.


Success: The world would not have a "no relation to the world who you are, where you come from, what you want, but if you are successful, then the whole world is with you 'success conditions, will change behavior and self-esteem.


Hard Work: Success does not come too easily, you have to pay this price and the value '' hard '' as is 'stop to think that the success of the sky will fall in your lap.' Work it is better to forget without success.


Attitude: Do you think school teacher was very strict 'job are very angry at the boss' business clients are very difficult "problem with these people is the issue of your attitude 'life' situations and about people Share your attitude change in life success and failure is very dependent on your attitude.


Significance: This mean that every little thing counts and do not think I remember that your job or business is small little job and a good job for small business and large business are changing.


Mistakes: Learn from mistakes, no one in this world is not perfect and everyone makes mistakes, so it is important that you learn from your mistakes, mistakes but learn from them and they would certainly never repeats the same way you can improve.


Dependence: Many decisions in life and work you have to do it yourself, do not rely on other people and do all the work yourself, you will rely on other people to practice every decision in life on a stage. The decision shall be in need of someone to work, and this will be your biggest obstacle in the development.


Chance: You only have one chance, "There are many things in our lives that are only once and you should take that chance.


Time: time value, we have 24 hours in a day and a year of 365 days, you must use the very thought 'why do you use your time for something like Cox success and failure decides.


Fact: please consider the facts, what you see on TV and in the movies he has made the 'real life you have to get out, and the results have to bring to work.

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