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Hello I’m Paul from Binary Options in Review and today I’m reviewing one of the Industry’s leading software products OptionBot 2.0.
OptionBot 2.0 is one of the leading Binary Options Software products on the market at the moment, it has been developed by Gary Davis an experienced software developer. OptionBot 2.0 is a trend indicator that lets its traders make trades on multiple platforms with the use of one interface. The Optionbot 2.0 has built its self a fantastic reputation. Optionbot 2.0 was one of the first Binary Options Trend robots.

One of the best things they offer is a :7 Day Free trial

This is a great way to try the software and get a feel for it.  They also offer a 60 day Money back guarantee if the for some reason your not happy with the software.

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The Software is always analyzing 15 different currency pairs which means its traders can have a better rate of success with using the spreading over more than one broker spreading is when you place multiple trades with different brokers with different entry times with this way of trading even if you make a loss you will gain in the long run.

When you choose your time and and pip (horizontal &vertical) you will be given an alert to movements in the market let me stress that Optionbot 2.0 is not an Auto trader it works out a price analysis on currency assets based on script and algorithms .This analysis is automatic, however when you trade, it is done manually using the interface that is synchronized with multiple broker accounts. They offer a unique service called spreading which is a strategy that helps reduce risk.  This allows you to place multiple trades with different entry points but that have the same exit point. There is not a Trend Indicator with the same features anywhere on the binary options market, this is what makes OptionBot 2.0 different to other software products.

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I have to say that this soft ware works and is genuine unlike a lot of Binary Options software’s that are on the market that scam you and are just get rich quick scams But the fact that Optionbot 2.0 have such a good reputation it says for its self that this software works. most other Binary Option software products launch then disappear after a few week when everyone starts to realise that have been scammed.

Optionbot 2.0 is owned by Option XE which is one of the leading if not the best Binary Options trading company again Option XE has a fantastic reputation in the Binary Options Industry one which has been going for some years now and is well established in and globally known.


Optionbot 2.0 has a excellent customer support center, you can contact them via phone, email and Live chat so there is always someone there to guide you if you have any problems or any advice you may need.


In Summary to my Optionbot 2.0 Scam Review as you know I am honest and try to give you the best most honest review I can and I would say without a doubt that Optionbot 2.0 is not a scam, all you have to do is look at their superb reputation, you don’t keep a reputation like that without having having good honesty and integrity and being loyal to your customers and providing a good service to those customers.


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