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Introduction About BitLanders WEB TV Channels

Bitlanders is a social site where we can earn rewards by the various things i.e by posting the high quality images videos blogs or may be micro blogs.
Bitlanders  appreciate the high quality posting and give the rewards .Daily earning box show by which can look about the earning of that particular day .Bitlanders  is also a marketing platform. Adds and different brand marketing is can be done here.

Founder Of Bitlander

The founder of bitlanders named bitlanders Francesco Rulli.He orgainize the Film Annex to give a chance to the users to earn to support the different welfare foundation and the foundation which work against the hunger and the creates job creative activities.

Main WEB TV Network

Film Annex is the main Web Tv network here at the bitlander.Various film makers creates the free web TV films as well as channels which works under FIim Annex.This film annex  can be shown by this video , in this video sir Francesso Rulli tell us in the detail, i think no such question are in the minds after watching that video.

 Film Annex holds

Film Annex is the main web TV channel that is made by great bitlanders fracesco Rulli.many informative and creative videos are here on this channels. The Film annex is main channel several other WEB TV channel are working in the guidance of FILM Annex.

Names of the channel that are working under the the Film Annex are as under.




Basically classimatic is a sub channel of the Bitlanders, sub channel means it works under the guidance of the bitlanders. Here at the Classimatic famous and classic movies , cartoons for childs and high quality stuff is displayed. Alfred , hopes smith and Charlie Chaplin directs the movies of all times. The movies that made record bussines  are directed by them. Round about 3400 movies are here which are directed by these directors.
Some of there movies are also here at the Classimatic.

For the child  there are series of cartoons such as Tom and Jerry and Ben ten.
Public Domain Movies are also displayed here at the classimatic. these movies are usually made not for the business but for the public only or the movies whose copyright has been expired are public Domain movies.



Bravame is a platform created on 6 may  2006, here the filmmakers and directors show,s there talent and achive there target goals. On the Bravame short film and independent  films are displayed for the public. the filmmaker having low buget can also make ther films and show the worl how talented and creative they are, episode type film and various other material is introduced here generally the timing of one episode s 40 to 45 minutes
Bravame has various types of categories depending upon the viewers choise.
Horror, drama funny and independent films, usually independent films are very low budget films and there duration will also lesser in time.



comedity is also a sub WEB TV channal of the bitlander. it also works under the guindance of the bitlanders and follow rule and regualtions
comedity here we can watch free movies usually movies here are very hgh class i thing the quality of picture that i see here is fantastic. the movies which are displayed here have greater budget as compare to the the budget of movies that are displayed at the bravame

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