Bitcoin: An Introduction

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Bitcoin is a kind of electronic currency, which is called CryptoCurrency. It is independent from traditional banking and has come into circulation since 2009. In accordance to some of the top traders online, this kind of electronic currency has been considered to be the best known digital currency which is relying on the computer networks in order to solve some complex mathematical problems, to be able to record and identify the details of every transaction being made.

The exchange rate in this kind of electronic currency is not depending on the central bank as there is no single authority governing the supply of this electronic currency. However, the price will depend on the confidence level that the users have, since the more major companies are accepting this currency as a payment method which make it the more successful it will become. There are many benefits of opting for this currency, and one is its low risk of inflation. The traditional currencies are suffering from inflation and they have a tendency of losing their purchasing power every year, as the governments will continue using quantitative easing in stimulating the economy.

This currency does not suffer from low inflation since Bitcoin mining has been limited to only 21 million units. This would only mean that the release of new Bitcoins will slow down and the full amount is going to be mined out in the next couple of decades. Professionals have predicted that the last of this electronic currency are going to be mined in 2050. This currency has a low risk to collapse as compared to the traditional currencies that is relying in the government. When the currency would collapse, it will lead to hyperinflation or savings wipeout in an instant.

The government does not regulate the Bitcoin exchange rate and it is a digital currency that is available all throughout the world. This kind of electronic currency is really easy to carry. You can store a billion dollars in this electronic currency in a memory stick and you can place it in your pocket. It is really easy transporting this currency as compared to the paper money. And unlike some other currencies, there are 3 ways of making money with this currency which are trading, saving and mining. You can trade it on open markets which could only mean that you may buy it low and then sell them high.

More people are accepting the use of Bitcoin and the supporters are hoping that one day, the digital currency can be used by the consumers for their shopping online and some other electronic deals. Major companies have already been accepting payment with the use of the virtual currency. This digital currency is working; however, the critics have said that this currency is not yet ready to be used by the mainstream for the reason of its volatility. They are also pointing to the electronic currency hacking from the past which results in several million dollars loss.

People who are using this digital currencies have said that there are new exchanges that are being supervised by the venture capitalists and financial professionals. Experts have also explained that there is still hope for the digital currency system and the predicted growth is really big.

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