Bitcoin, Balance And Motivation To Grow

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Circuit bending art, code and activism, raising awareness to Bitcoin giving a Carte Blanche in the Forex market, Jaromil is an ‘open-source’ OS developer par excellence. Inspired by dear friends in the community, he showed interest in an early adoption stage. In April 2011, answering the question: ‘Bitcoins – Isn’t this simply a distributed structure to do capitalism with?’ Jaromil wrote the first Bitcoin Manifesto. In April 2013, after witnessing the eco-system growing from a community into a society, Jaromil published: Bitcoin, the end of the taboo on Money.

Meeting Denis Roio AKA Jaromil and interviewing him for my documentary project was an inspiring event. Recording a 60 minutes discussion on a beautiful early autumn day in Amsterdam, we drifted between topics, to name a few: The importance of alternative currencies in society. Can Bitcoin really be described as A-political? How can the Blockchain help with certain elements of hierarchy and power? How Wikileaks relates to the early adoption of Bitcoin. Paying taxes and public sector work. The excessive use of electricity generated by the up-scaling networking power.

A short cut from our talk below, follow @Jaromil.

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