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I will write about bitcoin becouse I just love the fundamentals behind the crypto curency and idea of money that is not controled by banks.

My first plan was to write about about mining Btc scaling debate, .,.. But I will start with my funny Bitcoin story.It was back in 2009 or maybe 2010 when I have a " we will save the world " debate with the friend of mine. So he started telling my abouth some internet money called Bitcoin. I like the idea of "no bank money" so in a day or two I asked brother GOOGLE abought Bitcoin. There realy wasnt mutch info but somehow I find a walet that will create money if I run it in my computer.  So I was sceptic but hey why not to try .  So my first wallet was up end runing and there was a button " Mine ".


So withouth knowing how Bitcoin works,  what is mining back in 2009 or maybe 2010 I was mining Bitcoin.But the problem was that my Pc was useles . But hey for free money I can live with that. But there was no free money after 2 days ,after 3 days balance is still zero . I stoped mining after couple of days and forget about Bitcoin for couple of month. No I am not one of those early adopters who made milion of $$$$ mining bitcoin back in the days. 


But hey so be it.


Tnx fo reading my Bitcoin story. This is just part 1 more will come in the next days. Please take in your consideratin I am not native  English speaker so mistakes in tipping can hapen.
















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