Bitcoin Giveaway from CEVO eSport Community.

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CEVO a major eSports community has partnered with Xapo the worlds most secure bitcoin wallet.
And to celebrate this partnership, they are giving 21,000$ in bitcoin to the users.

Everybody can enter the giveaway by following these steps.

  1. Go to the CEVO Promotion Page or This Link to skip Step 4
  2. Create a new account there and there will be 5steps to enter
  3. Connect your Xapo Bitcoin Wallet with your CEVO Account (if you dont have a xapo wallet you can create one when linking)
  4. After connecting your xapo account continue to step 4, where you have to enter the refferal code to open your vault, Code - cGtocEs0MTl3WndzK3M3MzM4aTFwbXUvWmRYc0o4OXBtZ1R4dmpkYkhvcz0
  5. Open your vault, and there you will get bitcoins ranging from 1$ - 1000$ or if you are unlucky you will only get "Dust"

If you win, within 5-10mins it will be paid directly to your Xapo Wallet.

I won 5$, try your luck guys :)

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