Bitcoin is Hip Hop !!!

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Much respect to all yall across the globe, but step your avatar game up. I am on some fly black hipster sophisticated hyphy lifestyle type shit. Iam from the S.F. Bay area (the Yay) we trendsetters round these parts. Bitcoin needs style this is what i bring to the table the infamous yet needed cool factor. The mentality i bring and share with the artist collective i create will be the vanguard of the creative side of the bitcoin artistic revolution. We are the Black Hipster Collective we are emcees,deejays,singers,producers,songwriters,visual artists,social media networkers etc. we are many and diverse,however we share one common goal *Unity through creativity* and expression with art. My purpose on bitlander is too simply shine on my haters and collab with the like minded.My belief in Bitcoin is Hip Hop and hip hop is the last revolution.Now is the time to build a nation without systematic racism,sexism,patriarchy and all the other dumb shit support by outdated philosophies and financed by the elite.If you share this befief lets build brethren and sistas. #Onelove  

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