[bitcoin] Most people are yet to understand how disruptive this technology is

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Andreas M. Antonopoulos is the founder of RootEleven and author of the upcoming Mastering Bitcoin. As a busy bitcoin evangelist that is based in California, in 2014, Andrea’s focus is on the international aspect of bitcoin. As far as he is concerned, in North America and the rest of the developed world, bitcoin is an interesting technology that provides speculation opportunities. ‘In the developing world however, bitcoin is far more important.’ Andreas describes it as a lifeboat currency that can extract entire populations from mismanaged national currency. ‘A way to connect the under-banked to a world economy without any borders and barriers.’ Andreas believes that we will see entire populations leapfrogging over the traditional (legacy), banking system and, going directly to Cryptocurrencies. We discussed Fungibility and its vital importance to money. Andreas is clear about his opinion regarding the latest talk of red (or black), listing coins; “I will sell my bitcoins and move to a different concurrency”. We talked about the paradigm shift of not storing our money in the bank, and creating a new culture of money. Andreas thinks this is one of the most disruptive aspects of bitcoin, because by forcing someone to rethink money it may shed light on some of the constraints and limitations of global financialism. We had a very long video chat which I recorded for my upcoming documentary research project and a short excerpt below. I hope you enjoy. Follow Andreas @aantonop

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