Bitcoin or revolution

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1)Bitcoin and integration with the current system is a insane concept. Considering the very basis is decentralized  

    ownership/being your own bank..

2)Governments everywhere prove over and over that they cannot be trusted .As all humans can be bought,

   blackmailed,or easily compromised.Evil but human nature.We all know this,most of us lie to ourselves and

  pretend none of that guys problems affect me.

3) through bitcoin we and you have met people worldwide and interacted,built a economy,policed ourselves by

    learning and developing ways of following the coins.Bitcoin has done Billions of dollars in business. With less

    than 100 criminal cases worldwide,it is the safest and securest way to do business.

4)The world is free everyone everywhere ,our governments do not agree with that but we all know it.

    Bitcoin is the way to bring total world change(peace... well you know some of us live to fight )Bitcoin is the

    ultimate equalizer.Why, well as millions of people already know,You dont need anyones

   permission. become your own bank.With that some of you have built empires,100,000+ busnesses, and

   awesome people donating, sharing and meeting through crypto..

5) Everyone everywhere can do this and with the amount of people involved in crypto today.Together we can

    Through simple grassroot efforts,take over every market,bodega mall and service. We do this by everyday in

    your commute ask a store owner to accept Bitcoin and put a we accept bitcoin sticker out front. I have done

    this by asking, and even stacking up what i want to purchase and teach them about it right there. I have gotten

    9 out of 14 I have done that in.

6) Right now your like WTF! Wait listen ,right now as I type in Vegas Im not alone their are thousands of wallet

  owners all around me. The same with you.So we know they are out their waiting for a store near them.As more

  stores accept crypto then they ask their suppliers to accept it from them. The first few will be told no ,maybe ,

  but by the 5,6,7th store asking them they realize that's real money they are misssing out on . As a business

  they will adapt it ,Just like paypal its 1 at a time then its everywhere.Their will be no going back.As larger

  suppliers and businesses . Come on board then government has to adopt it.Why,well they want taxes.

   Taxes that increase in value through use is a win win for governments and its people.Gives the governments a

   chance to balance budgets.

7) While this slow adoption is happening the block vote will be making its way through private boardrooms to

    city counsels worldwide.Instant total open access for every citizen to hold a record of every vote ,the true vote

    count unchangeable stored for ever in so many spots that nothing can counterfeit,or change a outcome.Oh 

    its free.(balancing budgets)


8)Ask a store a day and lets change everything , peacefully, 1 block at a time ,at the same time on every

   continent. This is how we create those $10,000 coins buy having people using them .


Governments do this                                                                                                                   why trust them

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