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In the first two weeks of March, 2014, I had the opportunity to join the Bitcoin Tablet In Kenya expedition, which was organised by my friend and colleague @richardboase. While it is very easy to say that bitcoin is a force for good, the purpose of this journey is to go and see whether bitcoin could be useful for the people on the ground in Kenya. We wanted to document our attempt, and perhaps allow for entrepreneurship innovation. We wanted to see if this is a reality, or a PR marketing dream. We have created a Meetup group and we hosted two meetings with locals who were interested to learn more about the technology. Our plan was to plant the seeds that may help developing countries to frog leap over the legacy banking system. I also hosted a video workshop with the help of Jay Larson at TunaPanda, trying to open a possible market for creative media talent in Nairobi. This project was part of my research-documentary IamSatoshi. Please help us by simply sharing the video below (or this page), with as many people as possible.

Live presentation before the journey:

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